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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome 2012 - the year it all happens!

Happy New Year Everybody!
And a happy new year it is!
2012 has arrived and I am so excited to welcome it in.

This is the year we will be finally achieving a dream we initiated 15 years ago. It was that many years ago that Mick and I got engaged on a Gold Coast beach as 20 year old's and decided after a drive through the Sunshine Coast hinterland, that we were going to one day live in the hills on a patch of land and call it ours.

We had often looked back, in hindsight over the last many years and wondered how we could have done things differently to achieve this goal quicker and wished we did, but it has only been recently that I have come to realise that we were just not ready until now.

Our life that has been our journey to this point, has been a learning journey to prepare us for our dream and without experiencing it thus far, our dream would not have been achieved in a complete way. 

Both of us have grown in Independence, maturity and most importantly spiritually which has lead us to more than just wanting to buy a parcel of land on the Eastern Coast hinterland to call it ours. We now have real purpose on how to 'live' on that parcel of land and achieve a life of contentment.  We now also have greater financial security, a greater awareness of simplicity and a greater understanding of our life's purpose. Its only during the recent years we have really developed this long term dream into something realistic and sustainable. I now have been introduced to the world of 'unschooling' for our children's needs, I am now involved in an ethical and fun dreadlocking business for future income, We have sufficient financial funds to keep us debt free, We have greater insight in to a completely healthy and sustainable form of eating and have a stronger burning passion to start living this way of life which is getting stronger every day. 

I have now come to realise that things always happen for a reason, nothing is a coincident, life is how it is for a purpose and we are exactly where we are suppose to be at this very moment. Everything that happened yesterday has been a lead up to this moment and everything that will happen this moment is a lead up to what is going to happen tomorrow. Timing was just not right until this year for us and so bring it on! 2012 here it is!

I will also look forward to another year of eating a fresh and energising live food diet and so have started the year with a fast to shed my last few months of 'un-enthusiasm'. The past 3 months I have lost a lot of my 'passion' for life due to a number of reasons, hence my eating has not been as high raw and exciting as I would have preferred. But today is the start of a new year and I am looking forward to getting back into a few new raw recipes and simplifying my meals and life as we transition from this life to the start of the rest of our life - back east.