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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Raw 'meaty rissoles' with garden salad and raw blueberry tart for dessert

Here was today's lunch - just as the title suggests "Raw 'meaty rissoles' with garden salad followed by a Raw Blueberry tart for dessert" - so simple, so delicious and so good for you!

I use to make variations of these little raw patties all the time. Its one of those things that I made often, then forgot about for awhile and then when I rediscover them, remember just how simple, versatile and tasty they are.

When I made them in the past, I would always dehydrate them overnight or longer to give them a cooked firmer texture, but as I am on my 'new moon challenge' which I have chosen to eliminate dehydrated foods, I just served them up fresh. And to my surprise and pleasure, both my kids scoffed them down exclaiming how delicious they were!
'They taste just like meat, Mum!' said Starzi helping herself to another.
'I love the food you make us Mum' said Rhody as he stuffs an entire patty into his mouth at once!
After eating all three from her own plate, Starzi then moved onto mine, eating my last one! I don't quite remember my kids enjoying them as much as that last time I made them, but I'm definitely not complaining!  

Recipe: Raw 'meaty rissoles'
Use equal parts left over carrot pulp from juicing and a combination of soaked or activated nuts and blend together to form a base 'meat' (I used activated pecans and almonds) Try to leave texture so dont over blend or you will end up with a pate.
To this 'meat' add what ever you wish to add flavour and then mould into patties. 
Today's patties were flavoured with cut fresh herbs from the garden - chives, oregano, basil and parsley.
I added a sprinkle of seasoned salt, a spoonful of homemade raw pesto and a teaspoon of homemade raw tomato paste.
In the past I have used nutritional yeast for a cheese flavour and dulse flakes for a fishy flavour. 
I season the moulded patties with a sprinkle of paprika, cumin and some cayenne pepper on the adults.

I served them with a dipping sauce from left over tomato dressing and left over tomato paste combined with water to thin.

Raw 'meaty rissoles'
As for a side salad, Starzi and I foraged through the garden to gather fresh greens and collected a bowl full. 

Freshly gathered greens from the garden
After chopping up the leaves we simply added some avocado, mushrooms and raw sprouted quinoa, then dressed with a scoop of my home made raw parsley pesto and sprinkled with activated pepitas and sunflower seeds

Fresh garden salad with raw sprouted quinoa
A quick delicious raw lunch served
Lunch was served and enjoyed outside, under the warm spring sunshine, with all the family.  

Then is was time to whip up a quick dessert, so, using the same principle as the blueberry cream from the other day , I transformed it into a tart.

Raw blueberry tart

Recipe: Raw Blueberry tart
Base: Combine about 2 cups of nuts (I used a mixture of macadamia, almonds and pecans) with dates (I used about 5) until mixture holds its shape. press into a cake tin.
Filling: Combine young coconut pulp with frozen blueberries in a high speed blender until smooth. You can add agave, but I didn't as I am eliminating processed sweeteners as a part of my new moon challenge for a month. Instead after the mixture was spread over the base, I drizzled some raw honey on top with a sprinkle of frozen blueberries.

Let the tart set in the freezer before serving. The honey freezes, forming an interesting toffee like addition to the top.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Yummy salad and dessert for the kids while I fast

Even though I have been fasting for the last 4 days, the kids have still been eating. Its during my fasting time that I will put a lot less effort into the kids meals, but I did find inspiration to whip up these 2 great dishes. Though I didn't get to taste them, they were enjoyed by the kids.

Raw Cheesey kale and mushroom salad
Raw cheesey Kale and mushroom salad
Recipe: Raw Cheesey kale and mushroom salad
I started by shredding a couple of kale leaves from the garden and adding a pinch of salt before massaging with the hands to begin the wilting process.
I then added chopped baby spinach, 
a spiraled carrot
an avocado cubed
Strips of sundried tomato that had been soaked for 20 mins
A handful of mushroom strips that had been coated in olive oil and nama shoyu for 5 mins. 
A clove of fresh crushed garlic
extra olive oil
dash of lemon juice
and a good sprinkle of nutritional yeast.
Toss everything.
I then covered the bowl with a glass lid and left to warm and wilt in the sun for half an hour before serving.

Though the kids did take 2 days to get through it all, they did seem to enjoy it.

And this was a quick last minute dessert I created tonight, based on the current extra supply of young coconut flesh on hand, due to my increase in coconut water on my fast.

Raw Blueberry coconut cream

Raw blueberry coconut cream dessert

Recipe: Raw blueberry coconut cream
Simply blend until smooth young coconut flesh and frozen blueberries.
Serve in a bowl and sprinkle with more blueberries, optional honey for a sweeter taste and shreds of coconut flesh.

Devouring the raw blueberry dessert

This dessert didn't take two days to eat, instead was devoured in 2 minutes!

Spring New moon challenge

Tonight marked a very special time in the moon cycle. The rising of the first spring new moon and the rising of a new beginning.

Also tonight, I finalise my 4th day of liquid fasting as we see in this new moon and look forward to achieving new forthcoming goals and of course, sinking my teeth into a crisp fresh apple in the morning.
Taking this time to disconnect from the constant burdens of everyday food has wonderful benefits for overall health and mind. My life can be so revolved around food, everyday I am consumed by thoughts of what are we going to eat?.....just allowing myself permission to take time away from the constant repetition of preparing food and eating food, opens to a world of greater things.

My yoga session tonight at the YMCA was enhanced due to my complete emptiness and stillness and I was able to go deeper in my relaxation and meditation session.
I think fasting can be considered like a holiday for the mind and body, but just as much as it is great to be on holidays, its always nice to return back home, and tomorrow I am looking forward to returning 'home' to eating some fresh organic fruit. My appreciation for simple food has been reignited and I am ready to savour the pleasure of a simple bite of an apple.

To co inside with the arrival of the new moon, I spent a moment today setting goals in place to achieve during this next moon cycle. I have a few personal little projects I want to complete and have set the intention to complete them, we also decided on what last jobs need finalising around the house that need to be seen to, but as a major goal this coming moon phase, I have put in place a one month new moon challenge. I find that making a decision to do something for the rest of your life can be rather unreasonable and too overwhelming, so instead I like to set little challenges for the short term to see if this new change will fit in with my life and then decide after that, whether to continue in that direction. 

Before becoming a raw vegan, I took the 30 day challenge to eat only raw for that time and have since continued to eat raw. That was 10 months ago! The current challenge I have set for myself includes greater health and dietary guidelines that work towards a simplified eating options which I hope will help build an easier transition as we work towards a self sufficient lifestyle back east.  I am also challenging myself to increase my spirituality through meditation.

Here is my personal 1 month challenge I set forth to myself to accomplish on a daily level for the entire period of this new moon cycle: 

Drink 2 litres of pure liquid daily.
I chose to say liquid rather than water because I consider the liquid from young coconut flesh or green smoothies or juice of a fruit be just as beneficial if not more than filtered water. I never seem to drink enough liquid daily and hope this will set in motion a long term habit.

Participate in yoga daily (min of 30 mins)
I consider yoga a very important part to overall wellness for mind and body, therefore I would like to include it as a regular part to my everyday life rather than just the current 2 or 3 classes a week.

Meditate daily (min 15 mins)
To find stillness in the mind and body for just a few minutes everyday, has an enormous positive impact on ones emotions wellbeing and can also help to open up a connection towards greater spiritual awareness. 

Eat raw and organic food which are wholefood or the juice of that food (no dehydrating)
By eliminating processed raw foods such as nama shoyu, agave, nutritional yeast and dehydrated foods, and choosing to eat food that are in its whole natural form can greatly simplify ones eating habits in turn simplifying ones life which is where I believe happiness can be found.

Eat only during the hours of daylight  
By choosing to eat during daylight hours is a simple way to help connect back to nature and the natural cycles of life. With the use of artificial light, we corrupt our bodies natural rhythms, causing chaos. This will also eliminate the late evening, boredom eating, habit.

Indulge in 2 large meals a day - a high fruit and nut meal and a high green and vegetable meal  
By stating this guideline, I am hoping to simplify my meals to just these categories and then help to create a balanced daily intake from all raw food groups. Eating more than 2 large meals a day is not required on a raw diet, as your body will need to consume less, as it can absorb more.

Indulge in those snacks that are whole foods only - whole fruit, whole nuts, whole seeds, whole vegetables
Ultimately I would like to enjoy a life of snacks picked direct from the garden and orchards in our own backyard, so by including this as a part of my guideline, helps to bring this dream into reality. 

To keep me focused on these goals I have had them printed, laminated and clipped to the fridge for a daily viewing and included boxes to tick as I achieve these goals each day.

My new moon challenge daily accomplishment checklist

These are my personal goals that I have chosen to undertake over the next 30 days with the intention to incorporate their principles within my lifestyle as a journey towards our intended lifestyle of optimal health, greater spiritual connection, simplicity, self sufficiency and complete contentment. I hope they may inspire you to create your own.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Third day of detox

As the third day of my detox ends, I still feel a sense of lightness in my body, but not a starving hunger that would be assumed. My energy levels have maintained to a regular level as I went about doing the usual housekeeping and mothering chores throughout the day.
I did notice an increase in irritability today though which came as a surprise as I felt so calm yesterday. I have heard that not only are toxins released during a fast period, but also emotion stresses can surface. I think a few irritable emotions were released today and hope I feel a little more relaxed tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we celebrate the 'dark moon' or 'new moon' as we end the last cycle of the moons phases and begin the journey into the next. This will be the last day of my juice fast. Tomorrow is a very powerful day to release old habits and let go of emotional hangups. It is also an important day to make new goals and set forth new beginnings as we celebrate the coming new cycle of the moon.  I will be setting myself a new moon challenge which I will finalise tomorrow, setting new goals towards simplified eating, greater physical health and achieving a greater spiritual connection. 

Both Michael and I will also be jointly setting some financial goals to prepare for our long awaited journey towards reaching our dream lifestyle of self sufficiency on our destined parcel of land back east. Finally after almost 10 years of discovering and searching, we will soon be in a position financially and spiritually to find our 'space of love' and start living a life we were meant to live.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Second day of my Spring detox

Just a quick update on my current spring detox as we lead up to new moon.

Today I indulged on my second day of fasting, incorporating freshly squeezed apple juice and deliciously sweet young coconut water to my day.

I spent the morning enjoying a low energetic, yet deep yoga session with the gorgeous Hayley at the local YMCA before attending the yearly Spring festival at Hammond Park under a blazing warm spring day till late afternoon, surrounded in stalls, people, entertainment and the endless wafting smells of sausage sizzles and hot chips, without a tickle in the tummy.

Tonight as I sip on the remainder of my juice and relax, I find a sense of stillness in my body and a sense of peace in my mind.


A raw potluck picnic event in Kalgoorlie

Hey, If you are in Kalgoorlie and want to meet other raw food enthusiasts or just want an excuse to get out of the house...then join me at my upcoming raw food picnic on this weekend! 

I have been keen to organise a social get together while the spring weather is gorgeous, so have selected a date and hope that it suits everyone willing to attend.

I extend an invite to everyone who is interested in raw food to share with me a day of fun at Lake Douglas on Saturday the 1st of October at 10am.  I request that everyone bring a plate of raw food, whether it be a gourmet dish of living food or a simple fruit salad..all is welcome and anything raw is welcome! Please share your creation, your recipes and your stories as we enjoy a day in the surrounds of nature enjoying the abundance of natures gift – raw living food. 

Please bring your children, your partners, your uncles or mothers..everyone who you think would be interested and would delight in a day of raw feasting by the lake. A picnic blanket would also be appropriate to bring as this would be the ideal way to indulge in our raw food and surroundings.

Raw food picnic at Lake Douglas Sat 1st oct 10am - All welcome!

For those that haven't been there, Lake Douglas can be found about 10kms west of Kalgoorlie along the Great Eastern Highway heading towards Perth. It is signposted on the left, so turn at the sign and follow the gravel road for another approx 5km until the lake is in view on your right and a little stand alone toilet. Turn right into the lake and follow until you find us. If you are confused, please contact me for directions or you can request to follow us out. 
Lake Douglas is a lovely little lake with plenty of open space on the banks and pockets of trees for kids to explore. It is a shallow lake and a great spot to let the kids splash and play in the mud, so be sure to bring an extra set of clothes for the little ones to get dirty. 

Please contact me if you have any questions and feel free to pass on the invite to anybody.

Looking forward to this fun raw outing! 

We hope to see you there!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Spring detox begins

Ok, so I have put off the fasting for a couple of days to accommodate for the hubby's weekend off, physical work in the garden and Rhody's birthday...but no excuses now, it's officially my first day of my fasting period as I welcome the coming spring new moon.

I do consider a regular fast and detox period as an important part of my wellness. I choose to use the last quarter of the waning moon as the period to fast as this is the time in the moon cycle when our bodies are more responsive to the benefits of a detox enhancing this important ritual. When we work with the natural rhythms of our universe, life can become easier, so I like to use this highly powerful energy of the moon however and whenever I can.

My first day of a detox will consist of drinking only water. This may seem like an impossible task, or a very un-enjoyable one at that to most, as we all consider food an essential part of every day life and assume we cant go a day without some form of solid food. Through my personal experience and further reading on detoxing since becoming a raw enthusiast, a day or even a week without solid food is not only quite possible, but enjoyable and extremely beneficial.

My first experience with fasting was at the beginning of the year when my husband and I attempted a '3 day cleanup', which ended up evolving into something more. We started the first day with a complete day of just drinking water. Now understandably, this was very difficult as it was the first time our bodies has experienced a day of just water. By the usual mid morning, our stomachs were aching for food. We thought about food all day, but persisted through to the evening, still consumed by hunger pangs. By this time, our bodies were a little lethargic and our motions had slowed. During that night, I woke and was physically sick and staggered off to bed.

The next morning, my body was very weak, even a little dizzy and shaky. It was on this second day of the detox we allowed fresh fruit juice into systems. It was a welcome drink of freshly juiced watermelon. It was like a shot of energy and our bodies absorbed it with pleasure. Throughout the day I drank a large amount of watermelon juice and slowly my body began to come alive. By the evening, I felt really good and my hunger was only minimal.

On the third day, it was recommended to eat fruit only. Michael was keen to gnaw into a juicy big apple for breakfast, but after I had bounced out of bed with an unfamiliar lightness, I decided to continue on the watermelon juice into the third day.  Michael's circumstances are currently dictated by his work and it was his last day off, so it was recommended he begin to introduce the solid foods before he began his usual 13 hour working days.

Day three for me was a major turning point. The feelings of lightness, extra energy and relaxed attitude made the last two days totally worth it. I didn't want to jeopardise this unique feeling of aliveness by eating too soon, so for the following 2 more days, I continued my watermelon juice fasting. The feelings associated with having an empty stomach and no feelings of hunger, while feeling highly energised is something that has to be experienced to be appreciated and understood. I could truly feel the benefits of juice fasting and understood the powerful benefits it had on my body. I now had first hand experience and knowledge to believe that not only can we survive quite easily without food for a period of time, we can also thrive and benefit highly from it.

By the final day - day six, I decided I would slowly introduce some solid food, starting with fruit - a mango in fact as it was the season for mangoes and I do love my mangoes. Taking only a small piece at a time, eating very slowly, I ate my first food in 6 days and within literally 5 mins, it came right through and out the other side, without a blemish! My juice fast had certainly cleared my system and my body was not in the mode of digesting. I have read articles on fasting and the importance of how it allows the body to 'switch off' from its daily task of digesting the over consumption of food and allows it time to do some 'in house keeping' and 'general repairs'. My body had certainly not been ready to digest that mango! 

After another attempt of more fruit later in the day, my body accepted this and went back to its usual functions of digesting.

On the seventh day, I introduced light salads and by the eighth day, I was eating back to my usual diet of anything raw, but noticed my reduction of appetite and a significant amount of shrinkage of the stomach. I had also gained a renewed sense of gratitude for food. An avocado had more appeal, it seemed creamier, a simple green salad seemed crispier and fresher. The simplicity of food was more appealing. It was like abstaining from food for almost a week brought me closer to its basic form. 

Since then, I have continued my monthly waning moon fast lasting anywhere from just the day of the new moon, to a longer periods of up to 6 days leading up to the new moon. I welcome them as an important part of my health and well being. I find by the time this cycle of the the moon passed over, my appetite is low and my care factor in preparing food is almost zero. I know then it is time to disconnect and then reconnect. 

So today I enjoyed a day at the park with the kids, the warmth of the spring sun on my face, intrigued in a good book, sipping on my bottle of filtered water.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Birthday to my little boy!

Today was a celebration of my sons 3rd birthday.

We woke with the traditional letter reading, which is a tradition I have kept yearly with both my children. On the eve of their birthdays, I will sit and write a letter to them reminiscing, celebrating and expressing my love, thoughts and experiences about them over the past year that we have shared. I then read this letter to the family on the morning of their birthday's. This letter becomes a keepsake in their individual yearly photo albums and will be a forever recollection of memories to forever share. Both my kids love to hear their birthday letters and I hope they become a special part of their journeys through life as we cherish and remember these special early years. 

After our personal letter reading, I whipped up some of my favourite, super fast, flax meal raw breakfast pancakes with an added touch of chocolate for a special day. 

Raw 'instant' flaxmeal pancakes with a hint of chocolate
for a special birthday breakfast

Recipe: Raw flaxmeal pancakes with a touch of chocolate
To 1 cup of freshly ground golden linseed
add 1 large dollop of honey
a tablespoon of cacao powder
and a tablespoon of melted coconut oil.
Stir and add more water until mixture holds, but not too much water as it becomes too sticky.
Mould into pancakes and serve with a drizzle of agave and sliced banana

After breakfast we opened a couple of gifts from the families which always delights everybody. Its so precious to see their amazed and excited little faces light up when they open their gift.

After all the gifts were opened and played with, it was time for the final present, a horse trek through the bush.

A birthday horse ride
And what is a birthday with out a cake? Not a birthday at all, so I whipped up quickly this carrot and coconut cake. I had to make it with my juicer with the flat plate as my magimix food processor spindle got worn flat after I last tried to make a date and cacao fudge!. It still worked out, just a bit slower and messier.  I use to make these cakes all the time at the beginning of the year. It quickly became my husbands favourite cake, but somehow, it got lost amongst the latest sweet rich chocolate cakes of recent, but has made a comeback today.

Recipe: Raw carrot and coconut cake with walnuts
If your food processor is working, simple blend together
about 2 chopped carrots,
a cup of shredded dried coconut,
2 tablespoons of coconut oil,
5 or so dates
a handful of sultanas
and a dash of cinnamon, followed by tiny pinches of nutmeg and powdered ginger.
Add more dates, coconut oil or honey (depending on desired sweetness) if the mixture will not combine and hold its form when pressed together. Add a handful of optional chopped 'activated' walnuts and press mixture into a spring sided cake pan.
Refrigerate to set while preparing icing.

Recipe for frosting for carrot cake
As we have been recently indulging in quite a few young coconuts to drink, I had a good supply of young coconut flesh, so I used about 4 to make the base of the icing.
To the flesh of these four young coconuts, I added a couple of handfuls of macadamias and blended until smooth and whipped. I then added a dash of vanilla, a squeeze of lemon juice and a tiny drizzle of agave. Change the quantities of these ingredients to suit desired taste. I prefer a mild flavoured topping as the cake can be quite sweet.

Spread this whipped raw cream over the cake and decorate with coconut shreds, lemon rind and almonds.

Happy 3rd Birthday Rhody!

Cake was followed by a simple dinner of a 'rawfry' using the warmth of the sun to 'cook' the vegetables rather than the heat of a frypan.
This is a simple method which works with any vegetable.

Recipe: Vegetable 'rawfry'  

Fill a bowl with thin strips of any vegetable you have on hand. We were delighted to be given access to beautiful organic asparagus and bok choy this week in our local organic coop, so I used them in my rawfry with carrot strips, mushrooms and small pieces of broccoli.

In the blender make the marinate with what ever spices and ingredients you like. You can keep it simple and just marinate the vegetables in oil and salt, or make up something spicy as I did today. I simply blended 1/2 cup of olive oil with a clove of garlic, a dash a nama shoyu, juice of half a lemon, 2 dried chili's, dash of apple cider vinegar, and a drizzle of agave. Adjust ingredients quantities to your desired flavour. Pour your marinade over the vegetables and toss. I also added my favourite raw noodle - kelp noodles, and then simply placed in my sun oven to 'cook' for half an hour.

My raw sun oven - a bowl with a glass lid
placed under the warmth of the natural suns radiance.
 The results are delicious and amazing.

And finally for a quick last minute birthday desert, I made chocolate mousse from the left over cake icing and served it on banana boats.

Raw chocolate mousse banana boats - a birthday favourite

Recipe: Chocolate mousse
Using left over coconut and macadamia cream icing from the carrot cake, simply add a couple of tablespoons of cacao powder and some agave until desired sweetness and chocolaty balance is achieved. Yum!

I managed to save just enough left overs for Dad's lunch
before the kids got to it  all!

Happy Birthday beautiful boy...we love you.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Simple spring salad sandwiches - raw that is.

Nothing is more simple than slapping together a quick salad sandwich for lunch. The same goes for a raw salad sandwich, just minus the fluffy white artificial and preservative filled outer layers known as bread.

A sandwich can still be made quickly, filled with all the same salads and enjoyed by everyone in a completely raw form.

Here was today's raw sandwich lunch:

raw sandwiches for lunch
Recipe: Simple salad sandwich - (raw version)
Lay out a large green leaf of any variety. Today we used bok choy, though cos lettuce, spinach, silver beet and cabbage leaves all work just as well.
Simply add your raw salad fillings.
Add your raw fillings
We used tomato, avocado, cucumber, sunflower sprouts and a walnut and carrot pate topped with cracked pepper.

Then just roll and enjoy.

simple raw salad sandwiches

Or you could always enjoy just the avocado as Rhody prefers to do!

Sometimes things are better eaten just as is....perfectly raw and perfectly simple.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Spring Cleaning.

The season of spring is here. The smell of orange blossoms in the garden. The humming of bees amongst our lavender plants, the tender new shoots unfurling on my rose bushes, the warm sunshine on my skin during the days, and the cool crispness of the night time air. I love spring. A time of awakening, renewal, refreshing and cleaning out!

The next fortnight is also the waning moon phase. A potent time to clean out and clear out, so that is what I have been busy doing. Spring cleaning.

I'm not a huge fan of cleaning, as I guess not many people are. My kids are not interested in cleaning up either which I cant blame them, when I loathe it so much myself. I loathe the time consuming, wastefulness of it. I feel that most of my day is spent running around in circles, chasing mess from room to room with out really making any real progress. I could blame the kids for making all the mess, but we all wear clothes, eat food and use dishes....and my laundry floor is never visible as it is always laden with scattered dirty washing, my kitchen benches are always filled and my sink is hardly ever clear! The floor is always scattered in crumbs, red dust or dirt, the beds are always unmade and the grass never stops growing!
Life seems to be a constant chase towards an impossible finish line - housework is an endless task. And that's what I don't like about it!

I thought hiring a maid to do all of this housework for me, then I thought I would have to get a job to pay for the maid, worry she may have an affair with my husband, worry she may steal my underwear or sue us for tripping over the cat! Finding a solution for a problem can often bring on 10 more problems. I have concluded that the only answer to the constant time wasting battle towards cleaning is to SIMPLIFY.

If we all got around naked, then maybe we wouldn't have a need for laundry's to be built, washing machines to be purchased and walk in robes designed, and I wouldn't have to spend a large portion of every day washing, hanging, sorting and folding. 

If we all ate with our hands, direct from the garden, sitting under a tree, then we wouldn't have to buy plates, wash dishes, run fridges, set and clear away tables, sweep crumbs off floors, and I could spend more time outside, instead of most of the day at the kitchen sink.

This may be a little extreme, but sometimes when we just take a look at our lives and how crazy they have become as we are so far removed from what is necessary and important in comparison with what is a waste and plain ridiculous, we start to realise just how much time we do waste on either working to pay for something we don't need or waste time doing something we don't have to.

I am not quite getting around the house naked these days or have cast out all the plates and sent the kids foraging for food in the garden at meal times, but as crazy as this might seem, it does slightly appeal to me.

So, taking advantage of this potent spring waning moon, I have taken on the task to clear out and simplify over the coming weeks. 

As a starting point, I began yesterday, in my wardrobe. Admittedly, my biggest wasteful area of luxury is my addiction to clothing. I have for a long time had an addiction to shopping and clothing - anything, handmade, organic, or just unusual, will generally end up in my cupboard.
When I took a serious honest look at the extent of my clothing, I was horrified. What I saw hanging up in my cupboard space was a lot of waste. Wasted space, but mostly wasted money. I realised that I only actually wore a small portion of my clothing regularly. Some of it, I had only worn once or even never! My over supply of clothing was causing more problems then good. Even though my cupboard is quite full, I still often have nothing to wear if my favourite pair of pants are in the laundry. Having so much choice often creates confusion, having so much creates more washing and having so much feeds my attachment. I can possibly even see this negative effect running through to Starzi. I remember as a child I had one 'good' dress I would wear to all social occasions. I loved my 'good' dress and considered it special. It was something I looked after. It was only a second hand store bought dress, but I loved it and I only had one. Starzi on the other hand has as many dresses as I do. None of which are new or expensive, but she does have a lot and she cant comprehend the cost of each one, just that she has quite a selection. Admittedly, she doesn't show respect for any of them. She is happy so wear any of them in the sandpit or out bush. She leaves them laying on the floor to be walked on, and cares not if they get ripped or stains as their will be another to replace it. Is this creating a 'wasteful' society member? Or creating someone who is not 'attached' to materialistic items? I'm not sure, but I think over too much 'stuff' is not a good thing.  

So yesterday, I cleared out literally more than half of my cupboard! I think having 20 absolute favourites is better then having 50 things that I like, but wont wear mostly because they don't feel quite comfortable or I don't want to let go because they cost me too much to admit. It was tough, but I decided if this wasn't something that I would love to wear anytime, then it had to go.  

And now, the day after a big day of decisions and 'letting go', I am feeling a sense of greater freedom as I detach myself from my attachment to clothing and all that is wasteful.  One step closer to a simplified life. and now for the next space to clear out....... 

By having less 'things' in my life, I will create more time for doing what I want to do rather than what I have to do.



Friday, 16 September 2011

Supporting 'Footprints for Peace' towards a Nuclear free future

Today we found ourselves on an exciting little venture through the main street of Kalgoorlie amongst the 'FootPrints for Peace' protest team to help bring awareness to the disasters of Uranium Mining and help to put an end to it.

I believe it was great to let the kids get involved in something so important as this and give our support to a great, enthusiastic and passionate group of people that share a common goal towards a better future for all. 

There has been a lot of talk in our house over the last week since making our donations of fruit and raw balls about this amazing group of people and their efforts they have been accomplishing as they continue their massive walk for over 1200km across state of WA. For Starzi particularly to see these people and watch their demonstration and be involved was a real eye opener for her. We met some of the crew, old, and very young from all around the country to participate. One amazing young girl is only 9 years old and has insisted she walk the entire distance so far - totalling over 500kms. What a truly wonderful life experience for her to see such amazing country and be a part of such a powerful community of people. 

We wish them lots of support and swift feet to carry them the remainder 600km over the next 6 weeks - and most of all, we wish them the power to make a difference required to create a greener, safer and healthier future.

Bringing awareness to the main street of Kalgoorlie


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tonights simply raw meal

Tonight we enjoyed a raw version of fettuccine with pesto. I love pesto and I make the best raw version without the cheese!

Raw fettuccine with pesto

Recipe: Raw fettuccine with Pesto
To make the fettuccine, use a vegetable peeler on a selection of vegetables to make thin strips and place in a bowl. I used carrots and sweet potato. Zucchini, butternut pumpkin and parsnips can be used also. Massage in a little salt and oil and let sit to release any moisture and soften.

Gather from the garden a large handful of fresh parsley or any green herb (basil is great too) Place in a blender and add a garlic clove, juice of half a lemon, half a cup of olive oil and a handful of pepitas. You can add a pinch of salt if desired. Blend until combined. 

Drain any released moisture from the fettuccine and add a dollop of fresh pesto. Toss. Add extras such as olives, sundried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, baby spinach leaves, activated pepitas, avocado cubes, asparagus strips, broccolini pieces...what ever you desire.


Donations for an important cause

Currently, a team of enthusiastic, Earth loving people are taking on a massive effort by walking on foot from the outback town of Wiluna, through Kalgoorlie and eventually into Perth. This is an enormous feat to accomplish as the distance is an incredible 1130kms. The walkers will expect to take about 10 weeks to achieve this challenge. The organisation behind this walk is 'Footprints for Peace' a global community of friends with a common belief that all life is sacred sharing a common goal to protect Mother Earth.

Their current event that has found them strolling through the red dust of outback WA and through the main street of Kalgoorlie tomorrow is to bring awareness against Uranium Mining - to walk towards a nuclear free future. Their aim is to educate about the dangers, destruction and waste that threatens all life at every stage of the nuclear process. They also wish to promote positive, social and environmental solutions towards the development of renewable energy to create a sustainable future.

When I first became aware of their incredible walking effort to bring awareness to the public on this serious issue, I immediately wanted to help. So with the generosity of my husband who encouraged me to make a worthy donation, we ordered up a large amount of fresh organic fruit this week in anticipation to donate a large amount of fresh produce to the walkers. I also had some support from other members of our local organic coop to participate, handing in a portion of their weekly organic orders. Soon we gathered up 3 full boxes of organic produce. 

A generous donation of fresh organic produce
to support the walkers who are raising awareness
against Uranium Mining and the destructive effects of

As an extra bonus to keep the walkers energies high and to show my appreciation for their enormous effort, I made a large box of raw mixed power balls to distribute. My dear friend Renea spent the morning with me, sharing her raw ingredients and time to help me 'roll up a storm'. After a good mornings work of mixing and rolling, we had prepared quite a batch.

Raw power balls to distribute to the walkers
 We made a variety of yummy little super charged raw balls with a mix of ingredients including nuts, seeds, dried fruits, powders, flax, coconuts, dates honey and what ever else we could find in the pantry.

And here is the lovely and amazing KA - an organiser of "Footprints for Peace' accepting our donation with one of the walkers Kerryn. Both ladies were so grateful for our combined donations. And a bigger THANKYOU for your efforts to bring a safer, greener and healthier awareness to protect our Mother Earth.

Accepting the donation

It is such an amazing feeling to be able to give something so small and do something quite simple, yet make an entire team of people smile and feel supported. Giving is so much easier and fulfilling than taking. If only we all understood that.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Spring Moon

We are currently in the beginning of a very powerful time in accordance with the moon. Today we experienced the first full moon for spring.

I love the high energy which is created when the moon is at its fullest. Its a wonderful time of celebration, a time when our bodies are flowing with energy. Children can be quite in tune with the natural rhythms of the moons forces and I will usually notice this is a time when my kids are a little more 'crazy' then usual, as they resist bedtime and seem like they are oozing with an endless supply of 'aliveness'.

During the full moon phase our bodies are also at its peak of absorbing. Its the perfect time to gather herbs and use them for medicinal purposes. Tonight we gathered from our gardens a sprig of wormwood each which we all ate as a natural preventative worming remedy. Therefore, this time is also regarded as a very unfavorable time to indulge in a high fat, artificial, preservative laden and generally unhealthy meal as our bodies will greatly absorb the ills of our food, so it is best to eat minimal or purely organic, raw meals only.

The night of the full moon is also a wonderful time to sleep under the stars and allow your whole being be consumed by the silvery glow of the full moon.

Last night we all did just that. Armed with hot water bottles, winter pajamas and layers of blankets, we set up an overnight camp on the trampoline and slept under the rays of the full moon. 
Camping out on the trampoline under the full moon

Surrounded by the energy of the full moon and bright orbs
The full moon is also a perfect time to get amongst nature and celebrate this exciting time of the moon cycle so our bodies can absorb its beauty and harmony.

This morning we woke to a beautiful spring morning and packed the car with some fresh organic raw food and headed out bush. The kids got bare and played amongst nature while we enjoyed a memorable raw organic picnic and a day of beauty and simple pleasures. 

Catching tadpoles

Natural beauty

Taking in a moment of peace

Over the next couple of weeks, we will see the moon in its waning phase, a time when the moon will slowly become smaller, until it will completely disappear from view in the night skies and become a 'new moon' or 'dark moon'.

This is a very significant time of the year as this will be the waning moon of spring. During the waning moon phase, our bodies will be at its peak of detoxifying and washing out. It will allow our bodies to naturally breathe out and clear out. This waning moon is more significant as it coinsides with the yearly cycle of the season of spring, also a natural time for detoxifying. So this time of the waning moon will have double the effect.

I will be using this significant and powerful time of the year to perform another detoxifying juice fast. I will be aiming to juice fast for a period of about a week. It is believed that a fast taken during this time of the year can have a stronger purifying effect that can last an entire year. Detoxifying is more effective closer to the new moon so I will begin in another week.

Not only will I be using this time to cleanse my body, but I will be cleansing my environment. Work involving cleaning or clearing out is much more effective and will be easier achieved when undertaken during this time of the moon in spring.  I will be clearing out clutter, spring cleaning the garden, getting up to date in the laundry, airing out my bedding and performing a general all round spring clean of my surrounds. A great way to simplify our living space.

I will also be using this time to clear my mind of negative emotions and old grudges. It a time of releasing and forgetting. A time of saying goodbye to negativity and anything you no longer want to be burdened with. The most powerful day of making this final release of all that is of no benefit, or bad habits is on the day of this coming new moon. The new moon represents a day of new beginnings, a day of throwing out the old and welcoming the new - a day of a final release to leave behind unwanted emotions or characteristics and opening up to a 'new age'. Its also the day when the body is at its complete peak for detoxification and purifying. A day when woman should naturally menstruate. 

I will also be choosing this day of the new moon to make a list of new personal goals I want to achieve for the future and make them happen from that day onwards as we will be forging into the new cycle of a new beginning. Spring is regarded as a time of renewal, so once again goals set on the day of the new moon in spring are more likely to be achieved with the natural force of the season and moon cycle combined.  

I will be updating regularly my journey through this powerful time of the waning moon and new moon in spring and would recommend everyone to use this time also to feel the universes natural forces and use its power to benefit your lives.