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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Raw sushi recipe

I made up these fabulous little raw finger food snacks for a social gathering I attended today and was impressed with their outcome. I love raw nori rolls, I love the simplicity and the endless possibilities with their fillings. Today I created two variations. A raw spicy parsnip rice and marinated mushrooms and the other, a simple salad.

Raw spicy parsnip 'rice' rolls
In the food processor blend together until a crumble rice like texture - 
2 small parsnips and 1 carrot.
To this add a spicy dressing made by blending together until smooth - 
1/2 cup of olive oil,
a small handful of sundried tomatoes,
a dash of curry powder,
1 tablespoon of nama shoyu,
a small dollop of agave
and a pinch of chili powder.
I filled each nori roll with a strip of spicy rice mixture,
a row of mushrooms that had been marinated in olive oil and nama shoyu,
a row of avocado
and a row of freshly cut sunflower sprouts before rolling up and cutting into small pieces and sprinkling with a few black and white sesame seeds.
For the simple salad nori rolls,
I simply spread a row of avocado,
a row of carrot strips,
a row of sliced olives - which I was worried would clash with the seaweed, but worked well.
a row of fresh tomato slices
and a row of alfalfa sprouts before rolling up and slicing into small serves.

It was the first day I have eaten sprouted alfalfa in a couple of years. I have been sprouting so many other seeds in jars such as fenugreek, broccoli and radish that I had just 'forgotten' about the humble old alfalfa, but I am glad I have chosen to revive this super fast and super simple sprout because Starzi loves it. As soon as she saw me handling the big ball of fluffy green sprouts, she asked for a taste and then requested a bowl full. She was happy to scoff down a plate full of nutrient rich green sprouts which I was thrilled to see.  

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