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Friday, 17 February 2012

Last Raw Food Workshop for Kalgoorlie

Wow, what a great start to the year already...(though, not a big one for my blog - sorry for the lack of posts.....) but we have been busy preparing our lovely little home for sale...only to have it under contract the day after it is listed! Wow, a little faster than we anticipated, but were certain the first person to view it, was going to fall in love with it.
So now we await the final inspections and then it will be officially sold! yay.

Due to popular demand though, I have decided to squeeze in one last and final raw food wokshop in Kalgoorle before we depart this side of the country.
The intended date is for Sunday 26th February at 12midday. This workshop will be designed to introduce interested people to the raw food world as I prepare simple, fast and delicious meals. Most of the recipes I will be making, I have already covered in my previous workshops as I hope to show off some of my most popular and favourite meals to first time 'rawists'. If you are keen, please check out my Facebook page - 'Raw harmony' and comment or email me at for more information. Looking forward to a relaxed special last workshop to excite some Kalgoorlians into the world of raw living!

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