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Friday, 29 March 2013

Welcome back!!!!

Oh my Goodness!  Has it already been a year since my last post?

 I cant believe its been that long, then again I can as its been a massive 12 months and so much has changed. Honestly, I haven't even logged into my blog or viewed it in all of that time. I tried tonight for the first time in a year and couldn't even sign in as Id forgotten passwords and my email account had voided. Whoa....but I'm back now and have so much to share.......

SOLD - Our home in Kalgoorlie

So where to start? Where was I before I left? Living in the outback mining town of Kalgoorlie WA, I think our house had just sold and we were preparing to move back East. Well we did. We are back East at last. After a long story and many stop over visits and stays with families and friends, we found ourselves attracted to the beautiful community of Mullumbimby, hinterland of the amazing Byron Bay Shire. We spent 6 months living within town of Mullumbimby in a rental home, introducing ourselves to the community and discovering all that this incredible place has to offer. We fell in love within the first week and immediately  began searching for our ultimate dream parcel of land to begin our everchasing goal to live in nature and become self sufficient. By the end of 6 months, we had found our 'space of love' a place to grow, discover, enjoy and live. We found and purchased 24 acres of the most stunning land only 8 km out of Mullumbimby. The land is fertile, private, pituresque, diverse, amazing......filled with a flowing fresh water creek, trickling from a spring in the hills, bordering forested ridge and many glorious level acres scattered in an array of ancient trees, native and fruiting. There is a beautiful rustic, handmade stone and wood dwelling on the property made from materials sourced from the land itself. Within the boundary of our property we have everything we could have dreamed of and more. We have found paradise and are living the dream.

Our beautiful new retreat in the hinterland of Mullumbimby

As for my raw journey....well over the last 12 months it has very much fallen to the way side. After leaving Kalgoorlie and living with so many different people and locations, food of any description (vegetarian still though of course) was consumed.....hence I suppose why I haven't wanted to follow up on my blog during that time. My eating habits have turned to crap, I have caved into every craving I have ever wanted. It would even be safe to say that my diet has been the worst its ever been since I was a teenager after first moving out of home. Processed junk food has been a big part of my meals along with many glorious healthy dishes, raw and vegan. I have been swinging from a highly processed diet for a long period, then swinging to an extreme raw, lasting only days, before having major 'splurges' and hitting the processed food again. Though my taste buds have enjoyed so many of these artificial delights, my physical and mental body have not. I have gained weight, I have lost all of my energy, I have lost motivation, I have lost passion, I have lost will power and control, I have suffered skin breakouts, constipation, headaches, I have low self esteem and constantly crave junk food and I feel drained, fat and lazy. It all does sound really bad doesn't it, but I suppose to someone who eats a regular diet of highly cooked and processed foods suffers these symptoms regularly and knows no different, so isn't really noted to them. But since I have enjoyed a long period of 100% raw diet over almost 10 months, these effects I am experiencing now are being felt heavily. Maybe If I never went raw for that time, I would consider all those things to be normal and expected. Anyway, Ive had enough. No more excuses. We now live in paradise, surrounded by an 'aware' community  with an array of markets everyday filled with fresh, raw and organic food. Eating raw is highly accepted here and even has a large following. These last 12 months of searching and finding and my journey into a 100% raw diet in Kalgoorlie has taught me so much though. I have experienced comparable diets on both ends of the spectrum providing an understanding and recognition of extreme vibrant health and regular mainstream health. I have also experienced a very disciplined and highly controled lifestyle and a 'who cares' attitude to diet. And now with the knowledge, experience and awareness of both these extremes in my life I am ready to move forward on this beautiful, ideal location with a healthy balance and harmony in my life.

View from our front door.
Our driveway

Our tranquil fresh water creek


  1. Hi! I am a new visitor but I've enjoyed your blog so much! It is absolutely beautiful! Just wanted to say that you inspire me and I really hope that you continue to post recipes, and come back to the raw journey. I'm sure it's so easy to fall out, but it will be so beautiful to fall back in. So I'm waiting and excited to keep following your blog :)

  2. Thank you so much Marina, I am inpired just by reading your comment :)